Top Picks for Kids’ Watches: Durability and Functionality

Keeping up with your child’s whereabouts and fostering healthy habits can be a challenge in today’s fast-paced world. Fortunately, kids’ smartwatches have emerged as a potential solution, offering an array of features that promote safety, communication, and well-being. But with a plethora of options available, selecting the right watch can be overwhelming. This guide narrows down the top contenders, focusing on two crucial aspects: durability and functionality.

Part 1: Built to Last – Durable Watches for Active Kids


Garmin vívofit jr. 3:

This fitness tracker prioritizes durability, boasting a one-year battery life that eliminates the need for constant charging. Its compact, comfortable design ensures a snug fit on even the smallest wrists, and its swim-friendly construction can withstand poolside adventures or unexpected splashes. While it lacks features like GPS tracking or communication options, its focus on resilience and battery life makes it ideal for active kids who crave a fuss-free fitness companion.

Gabb Watch 3:

Designed with durability in mind, the Gabb Watch 3 is built to endure the bumps and tumbles of everyday wear and tear. It prioritizes safety with features like GPS tracking and SOS functionality, giving parents peace of mind. Additionally, the watch offers a limited selection of pre-approved games, keeping kids entertained without excessive screen time. However, it lacks some functionalities like music apps and has a limited color selection.

Part 2: Function Over Fashion – Feature-Rich Smartwatches for Communication

TickTalk 5:

digital watch

If you prioritize features like cellular connectivity and two-way communication, the TickTalk 5 is a compelling choice. This smartwatch allows for voice and video calls, texting, and location tracking, all managed through a safe, parent-controlled app. It boasts a user-friendly interface and features like a built-in walkie-talkie function, perfect for fostering communication and connection between parents and kids.

JrTrack 3 Kids Smart Watch:

This feature-rich smartwatch caters to safety-conscious parents. Equipped with GPS tracking, a pre-installed SIM card, and a front-facing camera, it allows for real-time location monitoring and video calls. Additionally, the JrTrack 3 offers functionalities like parent-approved contact lists and safe zones, ensuring your child’s safety. However, keep in mind that this watch requires a monthly service plan for full functionality, and some users have reported limitations with the camera quality.

Part 3: Striking a Balance – Watches for Both Durability and Functionality

Verizon Gizmo Watch 3:

The Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 attempts to bridge the gap between durability and functionality. It offers features like video calling, a camera, and basic games, keeping kids entertained while providing parents with some peace of mind. The Gizmo Watch 3 boasts a longer battery life than its predecessor and includes a medical ID feature, which can be crucial in emergency situations. However, some users have reported technical issues and a lack of music applications.

digital watch

Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch:

This smartwatch leans more towards the functionality spectrum, offering a fun and interactive experience for younger children. The Tobi 2 features built-in games, a motion-activated selfie camera, and even allows for peer-to-peer communication with other Tobi watches. It prioritizes entertainment over safety features, lacking cellular connectivity or GPS tracking. While it boasts a durable design, some users have reported that the wrist strap might not hold up to rough play.

Part 4: Choosing the Right Watch – Considerations Before You Buy

Before diving headfirst into the world of kids’ smartwatches, consider these important factors:

Age of your child:

When considering watches for children, it’s important to tailor the selection to their age and specific needs. For younger children, a simpler and more playful watch, such as the Little Tikes Tobi 2, can be an ideal choice. This type of watch may offer easy-to-use features and a design that appeals to younger kids, making learning to tell time both enjoyable and educational. On the other hand, older children may appreciate the more advanced communication features and functionalities provided by watches like the TickTalk 5. These watches may offer calling and messaging capabilities, GPS tracking, and other features that align with the increasing independence and technological familiarity of older children. By selecting a watch that corresponds to a child’s age and preferences, parents can provide them with a timepiece that not only fulfills their timekeeping needs but also aligns with their stage of development and interests.

Safety needs:

If safety is your foremost concern when selecting a watch for your child, prioritizing specific features becomes crucial. Watches like the JrTrack 3 offer a range of safety-focused functionalities, making them an ideal choice for parents looking to enhance their child’s security. Featuring GPS tracking, the watch provides real-time location monitoring, allowing parents to have peace of mind about their child’s whereabouts. The SOS functionality included in such watches enables children to easily and quickly send distress signals in case of an emergency. Additionally, the feature of limited contact lists ensures that children can only communicate with pre-approved contacts, providing an added layer of protection. By prioritizing a watch that integrates these safety features, parents can be proactive in safeguarding their child’s well-being while also offering them the benefits of mobile connectivity in a controlled and secure manner.


Kids’ smartwatches range in price, with some requiring additional monthly service fees. Consider your budget and choose a watch that offers the features you need without breaking the bank.


When choosing a watch for a child, it’s important to prioritize durability and resilience since accidents are bound to happen, especially with active children. The watch should be well-built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Look for materials that are water-resistant to ensure the watch remains functional even if it encounters water, such as accidental splashes or exposure to rain. Additionally, comfortable and sturdy straps are essential to ensure the watch remains securely fastened to the child’s wrist despite their movements and activities. This can prevent the watch from getting damaged or lost during play and other daily adventures. By prioritizing the durability of the watch, parents can ensure that it remains reliable and intact, providing the child with a timepiece that can endure their active lifestyle and the occasional mishaps that may occur.


Consider the features most important to you. Do you prioritize communication, safety, or a combination of both? Once you identify your needs, you can narrow down your choices.

By carefully considering these factors and the strengths of each watch highlighted above, you can select the perfect kids’ smartwatch that promotes both safety and functionality, giving you  peace of mind and your child a fun and enriching technological experience.

With a little research and careful consideration, you can find the perfect kids’ smartwatch that strikes the right balance between durability, functionality, and fostering a healthy digital lifestyle for your child.